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Egy Property exists to provide a safe community for you, where you can easily buy, sell or rent your property, we want you to make wiser decisions for a brighter future. Building long term relationships with our clients is our top priority


Aiming to develop our team, methods and technology; to make your experience memorable. And becoming future leaders in real estate services for sellers, buyers, investors and realtors



Fostering relationships by encouraging, supporting, and allowing every member of Egypt Property to grow and evolve. As John Dickinson once said “United we stand, divided we fall”. 


In any business one’s moral judgements are repeatedly tested, but one of the prominent values we have is to always do the right thing. And you can rest assured that no legal troubles will stand in your way.


Your time, efforts, and money are valuable, and we plan on keeping them that way. Your resources are never wasted, and your needs are perfectly fulfilled.

Long-term Relationships

You are what makes a company, not the other way around. We care about you; because you’re the essence of our foundation. 


Building an environment where everyone is valued, encouraged, and listened to. You can trust that our promises to you are always kept.


We always evolve and grow; because we want to serve you in the best way we can.


The world is changing every day, and new technologies are born to make our lives easier. We’re always trying to be up to date on what’s new in the field, to give you the smartest choices.


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