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Hacienda Bay

HACIENDA BAY is a modern elite community developed on kilo 140 just right on the beach of Mediterranean Sea by PALM HILLS one of the leading real estate companies in EGYPT. The project focuses on offering a high luxurious lifestyle for residents who enjoys their summer vacation in HACIENDS BAY. When it comes to summer vacation, the best choice would be to visit the North Coast and that’s exactly where HACIENDA BAY is located, right beside The Diplomats 3 compound.

The compound is just 10 minutes away from Alamein 2nd World War Museum.

one hour drive to reach Borg El Arab Airport and two hours away from Alexandria (the second largest city in EGYPT)



Offering high-end chalets, cabins and villas in HACIENDA BAY designed by the awarded architectural SHEHAB MAZHAR. The compound is consisted of 87% greenery, commercial areas and water features.



PALM HILLS offers different types

  • Chalet starts from 171 m2 up to 201 m2.


  • Cabins starts from 43 m2 up to 215 m2.


  • Villa starts from 353 m2 up to 635 m2 on starting land area of 685 m2 up to 2313 m2.

A standalone villa which comes with its own swimming pool to enjoy it privately and pergola installed right beside the pool. It can be with a sea view or close to the sea.



HACIENDA BAY has its own hotel which added more value to the compound and makes it the best place to go in a vacation. Beside the hotel, there is a social building so that if any of the residents needed to take a break from the sea and winds, they can have a coffee at the social building and meet with another residents or their friends.

The commercial area contains a lot of restaurants and cafes giving the residents all the needs without leaving the compound.

Of course PALM HILLS did not forget the sports part, that’s why there is a sports club with different courts for different sports along with big gold course designed specially by Sanford Golf Design Office.



  • Chalet starting from 6,040,099 EGP.
  • Cabins starting from 3,743,600 EGP.
  • Villa starting from 15,980,500 EGP.


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