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Hyde Park West

A sizable 69-acre site was selected by the developer to house Garden Lakes in order to provide all the amenities and services that the corporation previously offered in its numerous development projects. To assist with the compound’s urban planning, they sought out the top engineering specialists in Egypt.

The majority of the development area, about 80% of it, was designated for green areas, gardens, landscaping, and aquatic features in order to create a more sustainable and pleasurable atmosphere. Residents would have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors since these

spaces will be supported by a range of services and facilities. Residential structures were planned for the remaining 20% of the space utilising the most recent architectural models.

Location of Hyde Park West ( Garden Lakes ) In 6th Of October

Only 400 metres separate Garden Lakes from the 26th of July Axis in Sheikh Zayed City,   which is the ideal location. It is a short distance from the most significant hospitals, hotels, universities, and schools in October, and it is located close to Al-Jazeera Club.

-Juhayna Plaza, the most well-known square on October 6th, is about 10 minutes distant.

-The Mall of Arabia, Hyper One, and Arkan Plaza are each 10 minutes away.

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