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A Success Story Called Palm Hills New Cairo

Posted by Abdullah Sawan on January 5, 2023

Palm Hills New Cairo project is the most distinguished project at the present and coming time, its location is very prime in terms of calmness and vibes. This project is located on the Middle Ring Road in the extension of the Golden Square, away from overcrowding and disturbance, taking into account health, entertainment, and educational services.


The project is on 500 acres, of which 100 of them are commercial for residents and visitors, the remaining 400 acres are residential, where it ensures coziness with 80% of it being villas and the remaining 20% ​​being buildings with wonderful views of the green landscapes, fountains and swimming pools.



In the Palm Hills New Cairo project, all the units, whether apartments or villas enjoy an open and unobstructed view, given that the project is designed at different elevations to suit the location of the units and ensure that all residents see the greeneries and water features. Besides, there is geometrically comfortable spacing between buildings and villas that ensure privacy and psychological comfort.


When you look at the commercial part of Palm Hills New Cairo compound, we are talking about 100 acres dedicated to schools, clubs, swimming pools, hospitals, and hotel Service Apartments. There is the British “Kings School” belonging to the Mansour family, which is one of the strongest schools on the scene and has its own special global classification, along with the “Palm Hills” club, which has long been known for the habilitation of many young athletes and the presence of professional supervisors inside it who qualify youngsters to climb to famous sports platforms, as what has been happening more than once in the “Palm Hills October” club.


The private “Palm Hills” club will be under the supervision of the Palm Hills Developer itself, after the successes that were achieved in the “Palm Hills October” club. As for the presence of hotel Service Apartments, this of course raises the value of the Palm Hills New Cairo compound because it provides rental power for the residents of the compound in the absence of being in it most of the months of the year, so they can activate their units rent for one of the enthusiasts, and this guarantees the investment side with the safe residential entertainment side.

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