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Posted by Abdullah Sawan on December 22, 2021

Investment in Real-Estate

Mankind started investing their money in real estate since ancient times, as it has become the safest way to preserve money from the impact of economic inflation, which loses money’s value. But unlike other methods, real estate has always maintained the paid-up capital, but also increased in varying proportions depending on the area in which the property is located and many other factors.

According to the data of the American Forbes magazine, many billionaires built and increased their wealth by investing in real estate in various ways, because there is no specific way to invest in real estate that you can call it the “ideal way”, there are always different strategies to profit from real estate.
One of these methods is the direct profit from the owned property (such as the apartment, villa, building, etc..) by renting it or using it in a commercial activity and collecting this profit monthly or annually without any change to the original amount (the capital) paid in the property itself.

Finally, it is certain that there are many factors that affect the value of the property and the amount of direct profit from it, so one of the most important points is to study the market and the area in which the property is located very well, and to have experience in dealing with problems and crises, and to have market insights and analysis to make the right decision at the right time.

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