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Posted by Abdullah Sawan on December 22, 2021

Strategies for Investing in Real-Estate Pt.2

As we said earlier that there are many strategies when it comes to real estate investment.

We continue with the strategy of reselling the unit after a long period of time to collect the profit at a certain percentage. One of the methods also used in real estate is to be the first to reserve a unit, whether residential or commercial in a new project from a large company with a good reputation. Hold up on ​​it for a long time and the result of this decision will be good in terms of capital gain (gain from the capital paid at first).
The percentages will vary based on many factors, but as we said if this unit belongs to a large developer and is located in a good area and other factors are combined, then of course the return will be high and will also be higher than the profit rate in banks. Other than the profit rate, you will certainly have preserved the capital from the factor of economic inflation and even made money by placing it in a property and selling it after a long period of time.

Investors also uses the strategy of owning offices and administrative buildings that are rented by companies, whether large or small. This is what we will talk about next time.

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